Beginner Weight Training Programme

Stiff Legged Kettlebell Deadlifts

Stiff Legged Kettlebell Deadlifts

Lat Pull Downs

Lat Pull Downs


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This programme is designed for anyone beginners who are not ready for advanced exercises or havnt’t got the base strength needed to safely perform alternative versions of these exercises.

It is also a great way to ease into training and prime your muscles for future more advance programming. Volume should be kept low and this can be built up in future programming. If volume is to high to begin with we risk overtraining, poor exercise technique and could be spending more time then is necessary for improvement (it can actually be detrimental).

The programme will last 12 weeks and build your foundation for weight training. Train 3 or 4 times per week with Biceps and Triceps being an optional additional session. Or add Triceps on to the end of your Shoulder and Chest workout and Biceps on the end of you Back workout if you wish to do more but can only train 3 times per week.


Perform 3 working sets each session. Reps will change each week:

Week 1&2- 12 reps, Week 3&4- 10 reps, Week 5&6- 8 reps, Week 7&8- 6 reps, Week 9&10- 8 reps, Week 11&12- 10 reps, Week 13&14- 12 reps.

Perform 2-3 sets prior to the working sets if each exercise that are a light weight to prime your muscles for the heavier working sets.


Squat- or practice improving technique without a weight

Stiff legged Kettlebell deadlift

Leg extensions

Leg curls

Chest & Shoulders

Incline chest press machine

Side dumbbell raises

Shoulder press machine

Rear delt dumbbell or reverse pec dec flyes

Push ups- kneeling if strict is too difficult

Biceps & Triceps

Bicep dumbell alternating curls

Preacher/ machine curls

Tricep machine dips/ Cable pull downs (with rope)

Close grip Push ups- kneeling if strict is too difficult


kettlebell deadlift

lat pull down

cable row (close grip attachment)

pull up/ assisted pull up