Time Efficient Cardio/ Warm Up


Running Speed Waves

Start on a 1% incline (to reduce knee and ankle impact) and run at an easy pace for 5 minutes (60% intensity). Then increase the speed every 30 seconds by 1KPH until you hit 90% intensity then decreases the speed by 1KPH every 30 seconds until you reach an easy jog (slightly slower then what you started on) and maintain this pace for a further 5 minutes. You can use a watch and run outside, slowly speeding up up and down the same as on a treadmill if you prefer to run outside.


Wall Ball EMOM

Each minute on the minute perform an amount of wall balls you can do in around 30 seconds at 70% intensity. Stick to the same number each round and perform for 5-10 minutes. Increase the amount of wall balls per round as you get fitter. Make sure your posture remains upright (not tilted forward). The ball should be close to your chest when you squat and when you receive the ball. press the ball straight up in the air or against a wall. Make sure that your hip crease is below you knee crease at the bottom of the movement if your mobility allows.

Rowing EMOM

Pick an amount of calories you can do in around 30 seconds at 70% intensity. Then row until you hit that many calories each minute on the minute (EMOM). This should allow for 25 to 30 seconds rest per interval. Do this for 10 minutes. As you get fitter increase the amount of calories until for are comfortable doing 10-12 calories each minute then start to increase the total time you perform this for. Use the interval settings on the rower to do this otherwise the timer will stop on the rower when you rest.