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Client support:

We have a custom app available for use on you mobile phone as well as online access. You can input your weight, measurements, progress photos, track your food/calories/macros, buy packages, book sessions and receive workout programmes. Your trainer has access to all this so that they can check how your getting on with your training programme, if your on track for your nutrition and offer you support.

Your trainer will require an email so that they can allow you access to our software. You can donwload our app on android or iPhone. We are here to help so please feel free to ask as many questions as you wish.

Beginner weight training, muscle gain, fat loss, muscle tone & booty programmes are all available to view and follow. Just speak to your trainer about what programme is suitable and right for your goals and they will add it to your ‘hub’.

For the different personal training experiences we offer we have broken down the key aspects and prices of each on our Sessions page.

Warm up and mobility drills are to be followed before any sessions. Please make sure you are adequately warm and ready for any workouts with you personal trainer. If you would like a mobility programme of the day style programming then we recommend ROMWOD.


Sessions or workshops can be payed in person with your trainer or via bank transfer, contact your trainer for more information.

To maximise fat loss, muscle gain and increase your fitness follow the train like an athlete programming.

The programme has a workout every day for you to follow so I know what you are doing so it doesn't interfere with our sessions and gives you an idea of what to do if you want to train in your own time. If you don't know what the exercise is have a look on youtube. If you don't know what something means check the terminology page. 

SugarWOD is an app that is free for our athlete to follow the train like an athlete programme. Sign up as a member of the gym Elite Physique. On the app you can interact with others on the programme by offering them “fist bumps” and commenting on each others workouts. You can log times, weights, reps etc on here to so that you can review the same workout in the future allowing you to see how much you have improved.

The train like an athlete programme is also available to view online. You will require a password to access this which will be given to you each month.

Beginner and intermediate programmes are available free for clients.

We would appreciate you taking a few moments to write us a review on our facebook page.

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