The following programmes are for clients who are on 4 week training packages with Elite Physique personal trainers or who have purchased the plan through the website.

To access them you will need a password that will be sent to you on receipt of payment for your training package or plan purchase. Your password will change each month.

The Athlete Programme consists of ongoing comprehensive training to maximise your fitness levels. It can be used by anyone who can perform the basic lifts with good technique. For a list of pre programme requirements please contact us. Every exercise can be scaled and weights adjusted to meet anyones needs from new lifter to professional athlete. You don’t need to be an athlete to train like one!


Basic Nutrition Guide

Warm Up/ Mobility Plans:


Time Efficient Cardio/ Warm Up

Beginner/Primer programmes:

12 Week Beginner Weight Training Programme

Booty Programme- Available on the app online (download info here)

16 Weeks From Non-Runner To Marathon-Runner

Intermediate Programmes:

Athlete programme

4 Week Olympic Lifting Technique And Capacity Programme (perfect for new lifters)

8 Week Squat Programme

Advanced Lifting Programmes:

Russian Squat Programme

8 Week Russian Squat With Olympic Lifting Competition Prep Cycle

4 Week High Volume (8 Sessions Per Week) Olympic lifting Programme

12 Week Super Compensation Programme

12 Week Super Human Programme