Workouts- The Elite Physique Way


Why have a choice?

  • Some workouts are more effective, period.

  • The most effective workouts for maximising fitness, fat loss and increasing muscle gain are short and intense. They are hard work take a great deal of determination and will power.

  • With a trainer this is much easier but it doesn’t take away from the hard work you have to put in.

  • Some people prefer lower intensity workouts and don’t mind results taking a little longer. By no means take these lower intensity workouts as easy. They still require hard work and allot of effort; nothing good ever comes easy!

  • Some clients may have injuries to work around, be a little older or a number of reasons why higher intensity workouts are not for them.

Most personal training sessions are your standard 50-60 minutes. You spend additional time/money on things you can do yourself and do not require someone pushing or observing your technique. This is why we send you warm ups and recommend mobility drills or programmes to follow that you can do in your own time. Our 50-60 minute sessions are structured with specific technique work, strength or power work and either a Metcon or Chipper.

This is why we created our structured sessions in a time effective way, our price also reflects this. Allowing you to save money and for us to see and help more people then we would be able to otherwise.

Choosing the right workout for you:



  • 15-25 minutes

  • 2 to 5 movements done at a high level of intensity

  • Most effective way to get fit

  • Challenge your cardiovascular capacity, put your metabolism into overdrive and rapidly burn fat

  • As little rest as possible between work to make your body more energy-efficient/fitter

  • 4x max per week

  • Sessions per week (4 week booking):

    4 - £14 per session

    3 - £16 per session

    2 - £18 per session

    1 - £20 per session

Personal Training

  • 50-60 minutes

  • Varying intensity throughout

  • Focus on technique

  • Specific strength work

  • Includes a Metcon or a Chipper workout

  • The best way to get the most out of your training

  • Sessions per week (4 week booking):

    3 - £35 per session

    2 - £40 per session

    1 - £44 per session


  • 20-40 minutes

  • 5 to 10 movements done at a moderate level of intensity

  • Effect way to get fit without as much intensity as a Metcon

  • Train endurance, strength, technique and pure mental toughness

  • As little rest between reps/sets as possible to enable long sustained bouts of exercise.

  • 6x max per week

  • Sessions per week (4 week booking):

    4 - £18 per session

    3 - £20 per session

    2 - £23 per session

    1 - £26 per session

Warm ups are provided for all clients. You need to be sufficiently warmed up before a Metcon or Chipper workout. Stretching for recovery and to increase flexibility if essential to maximise results. We recommended ROMWOD for extensive ongoing mobility programmes to follow.