A package with a minimum of 5 fitsperiences. These consist of at least 4 activities (1 for each week) and a fitness related product. These can be used throughout the month you receive your box. You will also receive gifts, products and vouchers as well!

Your activities could be:

  • One to one personal training sessions.

  • Group classes in a gym based setting to outside such as bootcamps.

  • Access to gym (often with spa) facilities for a fixed period.

  • Martial arts classes or martial arts based classes such as pad fit and boxercise. Or all exclusive all access passes for a fixed period.

  • Water based fitness entry such as swimming or swimming based fitness classes. Kayaking, rowing and canoeing activity passes too.

  • Exciting new fitness regime admission such as bounce fit, rock climbing, skiing and many more.

  • Recover experiences such as sports massages, sports therapy, yoga and pilates.

  • Admission to fitness programmes which offer multiple training sessions per week, diet plans and lifestyle advice.

Your fitness product could be:

  • Health related E-book downloads.

  • Personalised gym and home based workouts. Including abs blast, full body workouts, legs bums and tums and many more.

  • Supplements and healthy treats.

  • Home suitable mobility drills perfect for increasing your range of motion, flexibility and health in general.

We are affiliated with local, independent and commercial gyms/ fitness centres, martial arts centres, personal trainers, sports and massage therapists, physiotherapists and many more. We don’t just get you inside a gym we encourage you to try fitsperiences that you haven’t (or possibly even heard of) before, outside and in different locations. Giving you the variety to stay on track and make fitness fun and interesting.  

Physique Box customers also receive:

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